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22 March 2009 @ 04:11 am
Now Available - The Wand - Vernal Equinox 2009 e.v.  
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Coph Nia Oasis Journal
The Wand

~ Vernal Equinox~
March 2009 e.v.

Available for $6.00

or purchase a
1 year subscription*
for $35.00

“PELE ring” by Soror Salome - photograph by Frater DD
From the Orient by Bro. David R. Jones
The Public Mass of the Phoenix by Aleister Crowley
The Mass poetry by Grady McMurtry
In Operibus Sigillo Dei Aemeth: Part Two by Bro. David R. Jones
What is the “Dweller on the Threshold” by Glyndon
The Marvel: A Biography of Jack Parsons review by Keith418
Pilgrimage to Cefalu’ by Maria V. Montgomery
Desire For That Which is Beyond poetry by T Satanas
The Book of Ceremonial Magic review by Fra. Iacchos
Jane Hilyar and Don Correll archive photo
The Magician video review by Maria V. Montgomery
Past Master Cyrus Smith archive photo
On “It’s a Heavy Metal Universe, Charlie Brown by Grady McMurtry
Grady McMurtry archive photo
Sri Saraswati Babalon poetry by Sor. Salome
The Eleven Fold Alphabet by Ebony Anpu
Ebony Anpu archive photo
How the Teachings of Jesus Could Save America review by T Satanas
Sylphs poetry by Sor. Miyan
Letter to the Editor
Ouroboros poetry by Sor. Salome
The Voice of the Master by Frater X

The Wand 
Vernal Equinox 2009 e.v.
~ International ~ 
$6.00 USD

1 Year Subscription
~ International ~
$42.00 USD

Love is the law, love under will.

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